Canters behavior management style

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Canter's Assertive Discipline Model

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Canters Behavior Management Style Case Study Solution & Analysis

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Indeed is an example:. Canter's Behavior Management Style. Topics: Education, Since Wong and Canters approach was so real I feel as though it is the best thing for me to bring into my class.

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McIntyre writes that the Canters attributed this finding to a lack of training in the area of behavior management, so they developed a school wide discipline system. This common sense, easy-to-learn approach is meant to help teachers become the captains of their classrooms through the application of Assertive Discipline and Positive.

Using a positive behavior management model that focused on cooperation, rather than authoritarian methods, to gain positive classroom behavior, the Canters hit upon a truly workable device that has helped thousands of teachers gain confidence in the classroom.

Canter's Assertive Discipline Model

Assertive Discipline. Assertive discipline is a structured, systematic approach designed to assist educators in running an organized, teacher-in-charge classroom environment.


Without a discipline management plan students such as Billy would continue along their path of disruptive behavior. The focus of Canter’s discipline model is the concept of teacher rights in the classroom.

Canters behavior management style
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Canters Behavior Management Style Case Study Solution and Analysis of Harvard Case Studies