Disembarkation processes

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Returning to port - how much time to allow for disembarkation

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Disembarkation - the Party's Over

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For most of us, disembarkation (the process of getting all of the passengers and their luggage off of the ship at the end of the cruise) is the most hectic and unenjoyable part of the whole cruise experience, especially in this day and age of "mega-ships," when it has become something of a logistical nightmare which the crew enjoys even less than the passengers.

1st Place Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruises was voted the No. 1 line for the relative ease of its embarkation and disembarkation process, which, depending on how it is handled, can be a nightmare. 2nd Place Holland America Line. Holland America Line was our readers’ second-place winner in this department, and the company is known for its professional and organized crew that makes.

Cruise Disembarkation Process – Standard Departure This is the option that the majority of cruisers use. Luggage needs to be set outside your stateroom NO LATER than 11 p.m.

Best Embarkation / Disembarkation Process Cruise Lines and Vessels

(time may vary by cruise line) the night before your departure. My brother and sister-in-law just got off of an NCL cruise in Charleston.

Much to my surprise this cruise line (although not a line I would use myself) has had an epiphany regarding disebarkation. Cruise Disembarkation Process – The Departure Lounges. Many people think that once the ship is docked safely in port you can exit immediately but that’s not the case.

The ship must receive the all clear from the customs inspector. This is typically an efficient process but there is no guarantee.


Holland America Line was our readers’ second-place winner in this department, and the company is known for its professional and organized crew that makes arriving and departing from your ship at the first or last port of call an easy process.

The smaller size of the ships also helps.

Disembarkation processes
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