Importance of project management knowledge areas

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Why Project Management is Important

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What are the knowledge areas of Project Procurement Management?

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The Journal of Modern Project Management

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Tasks in the Five Phases of Project Management

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Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Sixth Edition by Robert K. Wysocki

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Why the Knowledge Audit is in Political, white paper, Oct. Other knowledge areas are also important, but Integration Management is the area that requires the most management and control of the entire project.

Scope Management This area involves control of the scope of the project. IMPORTANCE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE AREAS DEPARTMENT OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT FACULTY OF MANAGEMENTSCIENCES TSHWANE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SOUTH AFRICA ABSTRACT This paper reflects on the application of the nine knowledge areas of Project Management.

We’ve trimmed our project management skills list to just seven areas that we think it’s important to master to be an effective project manager – leadership, communication, time management, risk management, planning, negotiation, and subject matter expertise.

The Ten Knowledge Areas of PMP If you are a Project Manager who is looking to rise in the ranks, the most important and essential skill you need is the Project Management.

Information Technology Project Management, Sixth Edition management 1 knowledge area (project integration management) affects and is affected by all of the other knowledge areas All knowledge areas are important!

Information Technology Project Management, Sixth Edition In the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) the process groups are the chronological phases that the project goes through, and the knowledge areas occur throughout any time during the process groups.

The process groups are horizontal, and the knowledge areas are vertical.

Importance of project management knowledge areas
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Areas of Expertise for a Project Manager