Starategic management

strategic management

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Strategic Management

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Jun 29,  · The strategic management process is more than just a set of rules to follow. It is a philosophical approach to business.

Strategic management

Upper management must. Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies, Sunyani Technical University, Sunyani, Ghana Correspondence to: Justice Solomon Korantwi-Barimah, Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies, Sunyani Technical University, Sunyani, Ghana. The constant loss of quality academic staff has.

The systematic analysis of the factors associated with customers and competitors (the external environment) and the organization itself (the internal environment) to provide the basis for maintaining optimum management practices. The objective of strategic managementis to achieve better alignment of corporate policies and strategic priorities.

Strategic Management is all about identification and description of the strategies that managers can carry so as to achieve better performance and a competitive advantage for their organization. An organization is said to have competitive advantage if its profitability is higher than the average.

f: f المزيد الأعرج: نعمل وفق خطط معدة بشكل ممنهج ومهني بحيث تكون أكثر استجابة للمواطنين. The constant loss of quality academic staff has become a matter of great concern to management of Ghanaian universities.

The main objective of the study was to identify factors that influence the retention of academic staff in Sunyani Technical University, Ghana. The research question that guided the study was: what factors retain academic .

Starategic management
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Strategic Management - Meaning and Important Concepts